Introduction Webinar to TESuite

Maximizing efficiency of thermal and fluid flow analysis solution

Initially, TES International joined the Altair Partner Alliance in September 2012, adding its first tool, ElectroFlo, for electronics cooling for high power-density applications. ThermoFlo came shortly after in November, bringing thermal and fluid flow analysis with use of 1D component based modeling. Now they will be adding a third solution called TE Suite which combines the functionality of ThermoFlo and ElectroFlo to provide users with a complete thermal modeling and simulation environment. This provides a variety of methodologies for modeling a range of systems and components to employ “the right tool for the job” while avoiding any unnecessary overhead associated with single modeling approaches.

Benefits of TE Suite
  • Fast and accurate
  • Optimization of cooling systems and components
  • Field failures minimized
  • 3D Modeling of selected sub-systems in an overall model
  • Wide range of modeling potential that is customizable