Introduction Webinar to SEAM

Mid and High Frequency NVH Solutions

Cambridge Collaborative has introduced its software SEAM into the Altair Partner Alliance for current HyperWorks Customers to use. Attend this 45 minute webinar to learn about the software and how to use apply it to your current and future projects.

  • Company Overview
  • Software Overview
  • Use Case
  • Customer Case Study
  • Software Demonstration

About SEAM
SEAM software was developed in 1980 to study structure-borne noise in submarines, and was made commercially available in 1983. Since that time SEAM has become an accepted analysis procedure by automobile manufacturers and suppliers, major shipyards, Navy research establishments, and aerospace companies.SEAM includes a complete implementation of statistical energy analysis (SEA). It calculates all required coupling factors and performs a power balance for each subsystem. The resulting equations are solved for the modal energy and response of each subsystem.