Prognostics Technology: DigitalClone Multiphysics Solver of Rolling Contact, Bending, and Fretting Fatigue Failures Webinar

What is the newest technology to predict rolling contact, bending, and fretting fatigue failure? DigitalClone

Engineers who are solving failures or developing new products use DigitalClone multiphysics solver to rapidly predict and extend the life of their rotating equipment. The software can quickly and accurately test the probability of failure with prognostic technology that determines surface and subsurface crack initiation and propagation at a molecular level. Wesley Thomas, New Business Development Manager at Sentient Science will present where Sentient’s customers apply these computational tests and how new users can access these solutions in Altair’s Hyperworks platform.

About DigitalClone
DigitalClone Component™, DigitalClone System™, and DigitalClone Material™ simulators determine the future life and performance of mechanical products. Manufacturers and operators use these simulators to control product failure through changes to product design and operation.

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